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The Vox of Hospitality - I speak food, spirits, and travel.

Neil P. Strawder's was bitten by the media bug when him and his bbq business were featured in the L. A. Times food section. After that he was no stranger to being on various best of list.

His first television appearance happened because his wife wrote to the show "Over Your Head" for an office remodel. It was a trifecta of fixing the office, feeding some folks and making the wife happy all on camera.

Since then Neil has been featured on BBQ Pitmasters, The Ultimate BBQ Showdown, BBQ Crawl, The Great Food Truck Race, Man Fire Food, and various local news segments.


Neil was also cast in a national Harry & David's and Arby's commercial. He also played Sgt. George Weatheroy in an episode of The Wonderland Murders.

The year is 2022 and Neil decided he and his family needed a change so he decided to return to his roots, Galveston, Texas. Once settled, he decided to learn voice acting to build on his experience of being a spokesperson and doing a few commercials. He enrolled in A VO's Journey Elite Academy and he was hooked. Learning and honing his voiceover craft suited him to a tee.

Neil decided he needed something to make him stand out from others in the industry. With his background in hospitality and being a spokesperson for other national food brands, a niche was born.

Hospitable Vox is a blending of his love for all things hospitable and being able to talk about it in a soothing tone. So far some of his clients have included Home Depot, Target, Gatorade, and Sonos and he's just getting started.

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