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DIY Acoustic Shelf - Behind the Scenes

As a lot of you know, in order to do voiceovers, you need a quiet space to record. And even more importantly, you need a space that is acoustically treated, In layman's terms, you need a space with no echoes or reverb. I have been recording in my garage and between all of the stuff in here and the moving blankets that I have hanging everywhere, it is surprisingly free of most echoes. However, since I have decided that I will be here for a while, I need to upgrade my area. My first mission is to get rid of all the blankets. My first thought was Acoustic Panels. After searching the internet, I realized that they aren't in my budget right now. So I do what we all do. I went to YouTube and watched about 100 videos on building Acoustic Panels. It was at this point that I remembered that I was allergic to tools. But then I came up with an idea! An Acoustic Shelf! What the hell is that you may ask? Well watch the video above and find out! And remember to leave a comment if you have an idea on how to make this even better!

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